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May 23 2018


amazing moments in iw that no one has mentioned enough

- okoye judging bruce banner when he face-planted on the battlefield like an absolute idiot

- rocket NEVER ONCE complaining about thor calling him “rabbit”

- “wong, you are invited to my wedding”

- teenage groot TAKING INTIATIVE and building the handle for thor’s new axe

- the magnificent peter dinklage, a dwarf, playing the role of king eitri, A GIANT DWARF

- tony stark calling ebony maw ‘squidward’

- “titan-killing long term booty-call”

- “you’re embarassing me in front of the wizards”

- gamora telling peter quill than she loves him more than anything else

- rhodey accepting a court marshall like a motherfucking o.g. bc he respected how steve rogers roasted secretary ross

- m’baku + t’challa leading those BEAUTIFUL wakandan war chants

- the look of profound respect natasha gave wanda when she appeared on the battlefield

- dr strange asking “who’s your master?” and starlord replying with “my master? what am i supposed to say? jesus????”

- gamora quietly but passionately mouthing the lyrics to ‘the rubberband man’ by the spinners

- “ S P A C E “ as a location heading

- vision: “you could never hurt me.”

- rocket believing that “being the captain” is having an unfiltered, heart-to-heart therapy session

- little cupcake bruce and his constant state of confusion: “there’s an ant-man and a spider-man???”

- bucky and his heart-eye-emoji-expression at the brilliance of wakandan defense technology

- nick fury’s “motherfu-“




so i don’t think a lot of people really understand how often south asian culture is misinterpreted and appropriated so i’m making a post about it right here.

  • any mention of third eyes
  • any mention of chakras
  • people wearing bindis when they shouldn’t be 
  • fucking “om” or “aum” tattoos or appliques on things like yoga pants. do you know how fucking disrespectful it is to put a symbol that is so important to my religion and culture on the ass of some white chick’s yoga pants
  • people wearing maang tikka when they shouldn’t be
  • anklets with bells on them are very important to the dance culture of south asia and it’s disrespectful to wear them outside of a traditional dance setting

feel free to add any more that i missed because i’m fucking tired

this is okay to rb if you’re not south asian. in fact it’s encouraged that you reblog this post, regardless of your race

^^Anyone is capable of appropriation without meaning to, even other poc. Please respect!



how has it been ten years since the Simpsons movie and I still can’t expunge “spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does” from my brain

Who thought it was funny enough to be in EVERY trailer, commercial, web and radio advertisement

Where do they live

What’s their greatest fear and most vulnerable physical spot


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Because treating people fairly often means treating them differently.

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I think Pluto might be harboring some deep seeded resentment… 




Anybody else got like,, rlly random connections to famous ppl?? Like my older brothers were friends w Jennifer Lawrence when they were like 12 and I just found out I’m friends w the cousin of the girl who voiced honey lemon in big hero six like, idk what I’m supposed to do with either of these tid bits I feel like I was supposed to live my life in ignorance of them

the tags on this are so funny because they range from “my neighbor went to school with tom cruise” to “my dad is best friends with macklemore”


so we have these cookie jars that sit on top of the cupboard right. we’ve had them for years. you can record yourself saying something so when you take the lid off you it will make a noise so you can hear if someone is stealing your cookies or something anyway anyway we have 3 of them. a pig, a cow, and an owl. now i was left alone one day. mum and dad at work, my brother at school and my sister at her boyfriends house. so i had a thought. what if i recorded myself screaming? so i did. in all 3 of them. all 3 different screams too. one was an excited shriek, one was a terrified scream, and one was a long shout. these cookie jars recorded up to 15 seconds, so i took FULL ADVANTAGE of that. now…here’s the thing…i did that almost 3 years ago. and these cookie jars have been sitting on top of the cupboard collecting dust.

until today.

mum’s painting the kitchen, so she had to take everything off the top of the cupboard. and uh…you know how battery powered things…start dying? they……slowly run out of juice? she asked me to check inside one of the jars. the pig, to be exact. and…the pig was the terrified scream. i unsuspectingly opened the jar and as the lid came off the jar, i remembered what i did. but i didn’t remember in time, because in that next second, a fucking demon cry sounded from this Almost Dead Battery Powered Pig Cookie Jar. it was a sound i never want to hear again. everyone ran into the kitchen to see what that god awful sound was and i just stood there, holding this satanic wailing pig. i shut my eyes, and waited the full 15 seconds, until it was silent, before turning to my mum and handed her the pig, and then leaving the kitchen.

i’ll admit i’ve done some dumb things in my life, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the sound i heard today.

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Just gonna leave this here 😊

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DW Meme 2.0 | Five OTPs [5/5]
Bill Potts and Heather

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what a beautiful cast

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my favorite scene in the whole tv history

the only sad thing about this scene being in picture form is that you can’t hear the way Garcia says “Quantico”. Kwan-tee-co.

the best 90 seconds of television ever filmed

This is seriously amazing.

Hello yes 911 I just witnessed a fucking murder

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mcu meme: [1/1] tv show - runaways 

We never even gave ourselves a cool nickname. How about the Runaways

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cool little thing from the pikmin manual

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2018 has been a great year for representation of all sorts, but especially for diverse black representation and I am here for it -Mod C




did I ever tell you guys how I lost the most overtly religious friend I’ve ever had because she insisted I was hellbound over a pair of jeans

apparently not by your reactions SO let’s talk about emily 

emily was catholic and found it really, really important that you knew that

she was discrete for the most part (sign of the cross before meals and blushing when the lord’s name was said in vain sorts of things) but she had a habit of berating people for politely declining her invitations to her church services and was sort of a pain in the ass about it at times but that’s beside the point 

we were friends for about two and a half years

and then she borrowed a pair of my jeans.

now these jeans 

were not just any pair of jeans 

they were lucky brand jeans and the nicest jeans I owned at the time, but I was always cool with letting people borrow things when they really needed them 

so this fateful day rolls around and emily is freaking out because she tore her skirt (as in straight up the back, mortifyingly torn) while we were out for coffee waiting for her other friend to pick her up because she was going on a weekend trip with this other friend’s (even more religious) family and her only other option was a pair of starchy pants that would absolutely suck to sit comfortably in for a five hour drive

so I do what any good friend would do and give her the extra pair of jeans I have in my car

which are my luckys

now I didn’t think anything of it and just assumed I’d done a great service here right 

but flash forward three days 

and she comes back 

and doesn’t say 


just hands me the jeans 


and walks away 

so naturally I’m like??????????

so she proceeds to send me a text the next day saying that I made her look horrible to her friend’s mom because she nicely offered to wash the jeans before returning them and that’s right around the time I remember that Lucky brand jeans  have a lovely little note on the fly


they look like this

and then you unzip them and


so that’s the story of how my catholic friend stopped talking to me because I accidentally tainted her social life with my subtle sexual vicious trollop jeans 

That is both terrible, and absolutely fucking hilarious

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